About Us

E-Machinaka AC and it's founder, a refrigeration and air-conditioning technician, commenced to accept service job orders to aid his wife and the family these were going to start. Effort and persistence gradually led to the necessity of keeping inventory readily available for clients’ quick and developing requirements. Eventually, another close by technicians took good thing about this and started out ordering parts from E-Machinaka AC. Thus, his retail business was born. Beginning in 1998 up for this, as cities develop and are more self-sufficient, shops are consistently being put up to effectively serve our consumers nationwide. Cooling devices are no longer limited to family members, so products were extended to add parts for motor vehicle and commercial purposes. Commensurate with the tradition of owning a limited ship regardless of the rapid expansion and growth, E-Machinaka AC decentralised his retail businesses and distributed operations among his kids. Today, more than 30 establishments have grown from the seed planted found in 1969.